Yay for fun in the sun!

We finally made it to Tugalo State Park.  I've been wanting to take the kids since it's been warm out and haven't been able to for one reason or another.  Today was the day though and they loved it.  Well worth a $5 parking pass for the day (although Wednesday's are free so I might try that next time).  They have a great beach area and several picnic areas AND a great playground.  I only wish we had made it there a little earlier, by the time we got cleaned up and home it was 3pm and well past bed time.  No trouble going down for naps though...and I'm on my way there now too.

**by the way, that is Hannah with Simeon in the picture.  She is one of our favorite friends to play with.  Eliya and Simeon adore her and it is so great to have her help, she doesn't mind changing poopy diapers at all! :)

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