Both of my babies are getting so big :( This morning in the car Eliya said "NO SIMEON. Go on feet!" I looked back to see Simeon chewing on his socks. Such a good big sister. 3 days past two and she has the bossy thing down.

Simeon, on the other hand, is just sweeter and cuter by the day. He has a little cold right now and last night he woke up coughing. When I went to get him he had a big smile for me in spite of the congestion that was keeping him up.

Eliya's newest thing is to hitch a ride on the back of his walker. He pulls her around like the queen that she is :)

Cutie Eliya with her butterfly face paint

I took Eliya to a sleeping beauty high school play, so she wore a crown naturally... they were doing face painting and she got this really cute butterfly painted on her face.

Eliya is turning two

Here we all are on Eliya's big day!
Help me Mama

I'm almost too cute to be eaten


Mama just woke me up on my birthday!


Eliya as Minnie Mouse!!!
Eliya and Simeon were with Nana and Papa for Halloween. They went to a few neighbor's houses. At one house, a boy with what I am assuming were fangs, came up behind her and she said "oh, big teeth!" two different times. Then, of course, she wanted to be picked up.

Eliya wearing mama's glasses
Eliya and Simeon with their Grandparents and their Great Grandfather
With Great Grandparents John and Emilee who live in New Mexico

Grandaddy sharing his ice cream

Playing in the pool

Mama and her baby boy

We just love to play! Swinging is a favorite.

Eliya got a doll house from her Grandma while we were in Gulf Shores.... What fun it has been! She LOVES it.