Gulf Shores

There are many things churning in my mind these days. The kind that have to brew long enough to come out the best strength (coffee analogy ;). I've almost been home for a week, and really want to at least get some pictures of the vacation time up. Simeon was insanely clingy and ended up having an ear infection by the time I got home. He slept great while we were gone, probably partly because of not feeling well. He was great at the beach though, completely content. He did chip his tooth a little diving in the pool. He really has no fear and would give me a..."you'd better be ready to catch me" look, whether or not I really was. Eliya did great and loved playing with her cousins. I'm still hearing about Papi's antics. Raisins become bugs and plain oatmeal porridge when Papi's in charge (video soon to follow). I also keep hearing from Eliya about the big fish that Papi cut with a knife. :)

Here are just a few pictures. My sister in law was much better about capturing some of these great moments. I am using some of her pictures here.

Love vacation, but I also love that I long for home when I'm gone for too long. I am so thankful for the difficult and wonderful places that I am in...the refiner's fire. I love the churning and yearning of the Spirit in me. I'm still processing, praying and leaning into what God is doing in me concerning the last post. I love learning, growing and dying... only to repeat!

Gulf Shores 2009