I want to use this page of the "journal" to blog about the kids.  This is for family who might not live near, it's also for me since I seem to forget details.  I can't lose the internet :) and I want to remember these little things about their lives. 

Simeon is SUCH a boy.  In the span of just one week recently, he got his finger stuck under a garage door, ran face first into a stone fireplace, and closed his hand in the hinge side of a door.  Yes, the same boy who put my shirt over his head and ran through the house for the "blind" thrill, until his second stop met his head with the coffee table.  Sticks, dirt and rocks are all irresistable.  He is so sweet much of the time.  He also already likes to irritate his sister intentionally.  If he gets upset from getting hurt or getting in trouble, he wants his sister to comfort him; and she does. 

Life is FAST PACED with these two.  Simeon is getting so big and my heart aches with wanting him to stay little and a baby, but simultaneously being ready to be able to have conversations with him.  My prayer over he and Eliya aren't terribly different, but for Simeon, I ask God to capture his heart at a very young age.  I pray that his spirit and faith would be like his sense of adventure in "running blindly".  I pray that as he gets "big", that he would belive more fully in the things he cannot see and would trust the wisdom of God more than the world and the whisper of the Spirit more than any other influence.  Daily, this is what I ask for Simeon's life. 

Here are a few pictures of his adventures.

Simeon's goose after running into fireplace

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